Window replacement – how to know when it`s time for such investment?

Window replacement is always a good investment, but how can you know when your windows are not functional? There are a lot of indicators that the time has come to replace windows. Place your hand on the pane of glass on a cold day – Does it feel more like outside temperature? Carefully light a match and trace the window pan slowly – Does the flame ticker or blow out? Are there any foggy areas on your window glass? Is it hard for you lift the window with one finger on each hand? Does your home feels kind of noisy? If any of the answers to these questions are YES, then it`s definitely time to use best window replacement San Rafael, CA can offer!

How will window replacement San Rafael service reflect on my house value?

Benefits of having our window replacement service performed on your home can only increase your home value. Think about it – by installing new set of windows you can enhance the look of your home greatly, increase energy efficiency, and even increase your home security against any unwanted guests and intruders.

I requested window replacement San Rafael service and scheduled up an interview, what`s it gonna look like?

We take our customers very seriously, so we give our maximum effort to share our experience with our clients. We will educate you about every step on the way – how to choose the best option for your home, how the window replacement process will go through the installation and maintenance. We will also answer to all questions and help you with your concerns with no hesitation.

What are the costs of not using the best window replacement San Rafael has?

Window replacement is not a luxury anymore, and it has been proven that it can save you a lot of money. If installed properly, replacement window can save you at least 25% on your homes energy bill! Calculate yourself, but our experience showed that the customers who used our window replacement service San Rafael, CA had the investment paid of in 3-5 years!


What makes replacement window energy efficient?

Wide range of factors can affect on your window energy efficiency – the design, materials used and the manufacturing processes all play a big role in your window performance. All of this factors are essential in creating a replacement window that would transfer as little heat as possible, mainly for blocking outside temperatures and maintaining your home temperature. If you want to test the limits of replacement window energy efficiency, contact our experts and get the best window replacement San Rafael can offer!

Can I find some useful info about window replacement San Rafael, CA on social media?

Yes you can! Feel free to like our facebook page and follow us on twitter and we`ll use this channels to deliver more news, updates and promos regarding the best window replacement San Rafael, CA has to offer!

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